Naru Restaurant & Sushi Bar

The NARU project began to sprout in 2012 by the hands of a sushiman cheff and a friend fascinated by the traditional oriental cuisine.

The chain NARU’s principle excellence in service and innovation of the dishes. NARU has nailed feet in the traditional roots, but it has its branches pointing high toward innovation and creativity.

The word NARU 生 る in Japanese has the sense to sprout, grow, bloom. NARU approaches something which for us is the word “become” な る.

NARU born with the spirit of transformation, innovation and creativity. The NARU team has the best trained professionals to better serve you.

Our sushi chefs are constantly training to satisfy all our customers, from one who prefers sushi and sashimi traditional, even those who prefer the forefront of creative sushi. In any NARU drive you can choose to sit at a table or sushibar, as well as choose your favorite way to be served. Just tell the waiter or sushiman your preferences or restrictions.